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March 9, 2016

The Planner Answers: What I Love Most About My Job

It is tough to describe what I love most about my job because there are so many layers to what I do that excite me (some more than others and that’s where my right hand woman Danielle comes in!). 

One thing that will never change about what I love most about what I do is the people I have the opportunity to work with. There are very few things that are more gratifying to me than sitting down with a couple for the first time, hearing their story and understanding what is most important to them in the execution of their intimate event. To say I am lucky to have met some of the people I have would be an understatement, but then to walk through this process of planning their wedding day, elopement or engagement, now that’s something I can’t even describe. 

We build this relationship with each other on a foundation of trust, enthusiasm, adventure and we navigate through this journey as a team. You would not believe the amount of education I get from working with the people I do, because there is always growth to be had and it is how I continue to evolve as a person which in return, reflects in my business and the clients I do attract. 

Am I for everyone? No. Is that OK? Yes. I want people to walk away knowing that I will bring my best self to every detail, every design, every conversation and that their event is no less (or more) important than my last (or my next). It’s important a potential client gravitates towards my style, because it’s very personal and I would not compromise that to convince someone to hire me- it’s a recipe for disaster.

A referral is and always will be my greatest achievement and for every one of those I receive, I am humbled to have touched someone in a way that meant something.




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