February 17, 2017

Into the Woods

The design process is always where I consider myself the strongest, if we’re being transparent. It is often where I find myself knee deep in inspiration, hoping it transpires into the feel, setting and details I want to see when a guest walks into an event. It’s where I feel most at home.

There is one thing that is always evident: having design ideas and putting them on paper are two very different concepts, and as we collaborated to create this save the date, I can’t help but feel so fortunate to work with Mekala, Owner of Tie That Binds, because I could not have imagined our final product to be more beautiful. 

We designed this save the date to have a more sultry, romantic feel. We brought in faded elements of Central Oregon, while giving it clean lines with bold, modern typography and included small gold foil flecks to provide depth and texture to it’s presence. A wax seal placed on the exterior of the envelope lent itself to a more traditional, personalized feel that would properly represent their initials without it appearing as a logo, which was important to us. 

Mekala and I had numerous conversations about details, ensuring we felt it represented our client and the overall tone we were setting for their wedding weekend at House On Metolius. Not only did we feel it set the bar high for what’s to come, we knew when guests opened their mail it was going to be a weekend they would not want to miss. 

Looking forward to sharing more as we wrap up their full invitation suite in the coming weeks. 

With Love,