While planning one of the most important days of your life, it’s essential that your vision is materialized—down to the last detail. But it’s also important to me that we go slow and let you savor it all, from the time you and I meet and shake hands to your loving, heartfelt send-off. 

After working at a country club in Arizona, and accepting a position and being whisked away to Michigan, I’ve finally found myself in Portland, where I’ve cultivated the roots of what is now Kelsey Timberlake Events. When it comes to bringing your wedding to life, I know it’s more than spreadsheets and budgeting. It’s more than save-the-dates and boutonnieres. It’s working together to be the catalyst for inimitable memories on the day another part of your life becomes beautifully, wonderfully whole. Welcome, I’m so happy to have you here. 

What would life be without a little unexpectedness? 

Stunning moments like these can’t be forced, just gently molded and shaped. You’ll see that the rest comes naturally. If you’ve found yourself here, you and I most likely share the same view. While event planning is the name of the game, spontaneity, excitement, and intimacy always weave themselves into the story. 

We are living in a snapshot era, where everything is fast-paced and each moment is captured and remembered. 




I know this firsthand. 

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Who can craft a spectacular and memorable guest experience from spreadsheets, systems, and numbers. She has the ability to take and organize information into details and moments that matter. She strongly believes in making the process, seamless, inviting, thoughtful, and unique.

What matters most to Alexia in the planning process is building lasting relationships, nurturing personal connections, and listening intently to the clients and vendors. While data and organization is key, a balance of both makes for an impeccable experience rather than a formulaic and rigid method of planning.

With a varied background, Alexia has planned events from fundraisers to conferences to personal events. Coupled with her years of experience in the luxury bridal fashion industry, Alexia is always excited to merge her experiences to benefit her clients. No matter what your vision is, she’ll dedicate all her efforts into making it a reality.

On her quiet days, you can find Alexia coaching lacrosse, exploring the outdoors, traveling with her husband, or cozying up with her English bulldog Eleanor.

Alexia hincks

event director

Alexia is the operational mastermind at KTE 



She’s the words and wires behind your wedding website. 

Melissa will take all the dreamy visuals in your head and make it a virtual reality. She strives to take the colors, fonts, images, and words that resemble you two and put it into a space for all of your loved ones.

She graduated with a BS in journalism from the University of Oregon and has served as a writer and editor for several publications in Portland, London, and New York. She has been working with Kelsey since 2017 and was instantly drawn to the emotion, details, and intricate planning that goes into weddings. While she isn’t physically present on event days, she works behind the screen from the East Coast conceptualizing a variety of ways to make every little online detail count.



OUR intimate approach

We will guide you through the wedding planning process to create a custom experience.