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A Luxurious Necessity

The experience you deserve.

Since 2015, we've intentionally produced a limited number of events per year to ensure our client's experience, and that of their guests, is unmatched.​​​​​​​

While Kelsey, Owner and Planner, handles the logistics, Sarah, our Creative Director, oversees all things design and decor.

Together, as two experts in the world of planning and events,​​​​ we ensure every detail is given the undivided attention it deserves.

Our Approach to Planning & Design

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. So, as we see it, it’s essential that it be a highly personal affair — down to the very last detail.

But to ensure a perfect outcome without causing additional stress, we must go slow and help you savor the experience - from our first meeting to our loving, heartfelt farewell.

Enjoyable moments like these can’t be forced but gently molded and shaped. The rest comes naturally. And while event planning is the name of the game, spontaneity, excitement, and intimacy always weave themselves into the story.

Discover more of what we weave into your experience and celebration.

While other planners and designers channel a certain aesthetic or focus on what's new and now, our approach to planning and design is centered around something much more substantial: You.

Bringing your vision to life is like building a home from the ground up. We start by laying a proper foundation. In this case, tradition. And as we build upon those wedding traditions, we focus on your style, priorities, and heritage - and even your favorite dining establishments and experiences. 

This way, every detail down to the place settings reflect your personality and story.

All the while, we never lose sight of what this day is truly about: A marriage.

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As planners and designers, it's impossible to completely remove the feelings of stress and overwhelm surrounding your wedding. However, it is in our power to remove as much of it as possible by eliminating the gray area that is uncertainty and inexperience. And replacing it with structure and expertise.

We are your catalysts for making lifelong memories both during your engagement and on your wedding day. While you stay in control, we'll collaborate and manage. 

And, along the way, we will help you regain time in your daily lives while turning your aspirations into reality.

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And we provide helpful resources and set manageable deadlines to help you feel more at ease throughout.

As planners, we never judge or force decisions upon you. Instead, we're here to guide you, support you, and give you the tools to make your wedding weekend a success. Part of which includes anticipating your needs and then proactively putting those wheels in motion.

While no checklist fully captures all that goes into wedding planning, we get pretty close.

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Which is why with us, what you see is what you get: An energetic team of straightforward women who take your best interests into consideration at every turn.

Together, we are transparent and realistic, only making promises when we know we can deliver. We are resourceful and confident, quickly solving issues without getting you involved.​​​​​​​ And we are the definition of cool, calm, and collected in both our demeanor and in the face of conflict.

The relationship between a couple and their wedding planner and designer should be built on truth, loyalty, and mutual respect.

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"She is worth her weight in gold."

"So many people have commented on every detail of the wedding, wanting to know who did the flowers, the cake, the signage, to everything! We really could not have done this without Kelsey."

-Chong, Mother of bride

"She was an absolute rockstar."

"If something went wrong, I had no idea. It was like she somehow managed to be in multiple places at once. Kelsey was the perfect balance of fun/bubbly and decisive/detail-oriented."

-Sarah, bride

"Energetic & Raw"

"She is so energetic and raw but stays so calm and collected - and that is her superpower."

-Fiona, bride

"Kelsey is stellar!"

"As a photographer, I have worked with many event planners, and Kelsey is stellar! Not only is she a master at keeping everything organized and on time, but she does so with grace, kindness and enthusiasm."


Working as an Event Coordinator at venues in both Arizona and Michigan for years, I finally found my way back home to Portland in 2012.

Since then, I’ve cultivated the roots of what is now Kelsey Timberlake Events (formerly Vanity Affair Events) - serving over 70 couples and their families in Southern California and the Pacific Northwest.

For me, weddings are about the union between two people. Whereas wedding planning is about problem-solving. I put the two together, with the help of my team, to create incomparable celebrations.

It takes a village.

Meet the KTE Team

Founder & Principal Event Planner


Formally trained in interior design, Sarah visualizes spaces as floor plans and in fabric swatches.

Her experience ranges from textile rentals to technical production and every stop in between. Prior to joining the KTE team, she was Senior Sales Representative and Special Projects Manager for La Tavola Linen (now BBJ). Before her tenure at La Tavola, Sarah served as Creative Director of an illustrious event planning firm in Los Angeles where she designed and produced celebrity weddings and multimillion-dollar celebrations across the country.

Sarah understands the only way to achieve the look and feel of a memorable and one-of-a-kind celebration is to foster a deep and personal connection with you.

Creative Director


Digital Creator


As a University and Oregon graduate and mother of two, I found my drive for the wedding and event planning industry in 2013 after meeting Kelsey at our shared CrossFit gym in Northwest Portland. When Kelsey began her company in 2015, I was alongside her in day-of wedding coordination, and quickly fell in love with being in our client's lives and sharing in that joy during such a special time. I work predominantly behind the scenes as our Digital Creator but lead facets of our Production on-site during event weekends, allowing me to grow both back and front of the house for our team.

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"Kelsey is A real gem of a person."

"Kelsey will put in as much as you do to the process (and possibly more). She's a real gem of a person and so are the team members that she surrounds herself with (looking at you, Sarah and Mollie!)"

-Kelcee, bride

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