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January 11, 2016

The Good Beginning

My dearest friend had a beautiful wedding in the spring of 2014; the flowers were vast and the champagne was flowing, but there were no gifts. Some people were confused, questioning her choice, asking her repeatedly if she really didn’t want any gifts. But she and her fiance were certain they had enough silverware, linens and wine glasses and so, in lieu of gifts, they asked that their guests donate on behalf of their marriage to two charities that were near and dear to their hearts-  Alzheimer and Cancer research. Both diseases had impacted the couples families.

 Photos from The New Beginning 

Photos from The New Beginning 

This past week, our friend and mentor Beth Helmstetter (Event Designer & Owner of Beth Helmstetter Events) launched The Good Beginning. Her website is ‘A place where couples begin their marriage by doing good.’ It was designed to give couples the ability to register for donations towards charities across the globe.

 Beth volunteering at  Mission of Hope Haiti

Beth volunteering at Mission of Hope Haiti

How it Works: It’s just as simple as registering at Crate & Barrel! You simply sign up with your name and wedding date and choose up to five charities in which you want guests to donate. The website takes care of the rest, providing you with a link to place on your wedding website which  will direct guests to your registry. The Good Beginning tracks all of the donations for you, so you can send appropriate thank you cards.

The Causes: The Good Beginning features organizations from around the world, in categories that range from Education, Poverty & Hunger, to Environment and Animal Welfare. If there’s a charity not listed or if you prefer to give locally,  you can simply add your charity of choice!

The Daily Give: Make sure to check out the websites blog, The Daily Give, where you will become “Consciously Inspired.” Articles ranging from bow ties that give back to dressing consciously on your wedding day.

I Hope to leave you feeling inspired today! Don’t wait to check out and share The Good Beginning. 

Peace & Love, 



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