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January 7, 2016

Capturing Your Day on Film

 Aubree Lynn Photography 

Aubree Lynn Photography 

I love watching wedding videos. I like to binge watch them and cry. I know, it’s a weird habit. I don’t even need to know the couple to be completely entranced in their story and all the love and suddenly I find myself balling my eyes out as I watch their wedding unfold. 

Wedding films are the perfect way to sum up your big day and all the love, emotion and time that went into curating your wedding. Although having a wedding video can be costly, we always urge couples to make room in their budget for film, because like photography, these are the aspects of your wedding that will surely last a lifetime. Your wedding video is something you will re-watch for years to come, share with loved ones that weren’t able to attend and pass down to your children. Our family never tires from watching my parents shaky wedding tape, filmed on my Uncle Ike’s 1980’s VHS camcorder with a battery backpack! Needless to say, cameras have come along way.  

When selecting a cinematography package, consider the most important aspects of your wedding that you want filmed- are you wanting a short 3 minute overview of the day to your wedding song? Or do you want longer footage of the ceremony, with your vows or speeches as the overlay? Don’t forget to find out if your package includes the raw footage, something you may or may not want to have. 

Here are a few of our favorite wedding films from 2015.

Megan + Daniel

Blue Bus Creatives


Megan + Kyle

J&M Media

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