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February 10, 2016

The Planner Answers

The Never Ending  Guest list 

 Aubree Lynn Photography 

Aubree Lynn Photography 

Guests lists truly never end if you do not put an end to it yourselves! 

When we start writing on paper, all of a sudden we have our friend from first grade that we have not spoken to since, our little league coach and our elementary PE teacher, all who seem to make the first round of cuts!

 Dylan & Sara Photography 

Dylan & Sara Photography 

It is exciting to be engaged, there is no doubt about that, but I always ask couples to really think about who has been in their lives and who will continue to be in their lives for years to come with more than just a physical (or social media) presence.

Consider me old school, but I am a firm believer that every guest that is important enough to be invited to your wedding, should be given a +1, whether they currently do not have a partner, have had a partner for one month or have been with someone ten years. Who wants to attend a wedding without their significant other if they have one? It’s not our place to determine the longevity of their significant other, and I find it happening more often than not to keep guest list under a certain number to coincide with budget. Kick that idea to the curb! Everyone deserves a plus one, so make room for your loved ones and their partners and that should really allow you to determine who you want at your wedding day and how to navigate guest list and finances.

 Sweetlife Photography 

Sweetlife Photography 

Backtrack to my earlier blog regarding budget and make sure this same conversation is happening with your parents, because they tend to be the ones who have the habit of tossing in names of people you may not feel as close with and that should also be addressed as well.

It is important to be surrounded by the ones you love on your wedding day, so make every name count. You won’t regret it.




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