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February 18, 2016

A Wedding Planner Plans Her Own Wedding

Planning your wedding while planning other couple’s weddings is both very exciting and creative and at the same time brings about many challenges. 


My world is currently weddings x2. My career is solely wedding focused, while at the same time so is my personal life. My Instagram is covered with a million wedding inspirations daily and it is my job to keep up on these trends- however, boy oh boy odes that make decision making much harder! Sometimes I can’t help but think . . . 


pinterest is the devil


I finally settle on a style, but then suddenly I see five other invites I love and am quickly convinced my decision is the “wrong” one. What does that even mean, right? There is no right or wrong in design, but yet, it is so easy to lose yourself in these decisions. 

I have found it to be much easier to create and envision other people’s wedding design because my emotions are not tightly bound to each decision. I can look at someone else’s wedding and think quickly and easily- this will look the best, this will work the best, but your decision making brain is quite jaded when you’re planning your own wedding! Early on I told Kelsey, “I need to hire you!!!” But confident (perhaps too much so) in my planning and design abilities she said, “No you got this.” 


I think the most important thing to remember is there are a million and one ways to do this wedding thing. And likely, your style is going to change- especially over an entire year of planning. Those poor 80’s brides, right? There will be elements that are timeless, but there are elements that you might love during the planning and totally dislike when the wedding day comes (remember our dress anxiety bride?) or elements you love all the way through but years later look back and say- “Why the heck didn’t I spring for floor length linens?!!” 

Whether you are working with a planner or planning your own wedding, don’t be tortured by these decisions (note to self: remember this advice!). Be confident in what you like and don’t like be OK with the fact that it won’t be perfect either. Insert *Bridechilla* mentality here. You may also be constricted by a financial budget which will dictate some decisions- this can actually be a good thing to help narrow down choices- yay to budgets! 


Every bride I’ve ever spoken to (except . . .) walked away from their wedding saying it was everything they ever wanted because they married their soul mate that day. And nothing- not even short linens can take away from that moment in time.


Keep Calm & Plan On




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