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February 26, 2016

How to Tie a Bow Tie

 Phil Chester Photography 

Phil Chester Photography 

Bow ties are hot. However, clip-on’s are not. And yes, you can obviously tell when a man has tied his own bow tie or if he’s wearing a clip-on impostor. There is a regal elegance about a bow tie, a perfect imperfection in its knot. I think that is where many get mixed up, the bow tie is not suppose to be perfect. The first time my fiance wore a bow tie to a wedding we were late because he watched a hundred YouTube videos and none were all that informative. But once he got the knot right, boy was it right! He seriously stole the show and not one person he encountered didn’t comment on it his bow tie. The bow tie is just like any boy scout knot, once you’ve learned it, you will forever be a pro on tying it. 

Rock Avenue Bow Tie gives perfect instructions on how to tie the mysterious bow tie. If you have not yet browsed Rock Avenue’s bow tie and tie selection, do so now, here! They sell gorgeous neck gear, which is the perfect essential for every groom and his entourage.

If you have the basic knot down, try Rock Avenue’s advanced techniques below- which shows you six more ways to tie a bow tie. 

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