March 25, 2016

First Weekend of Spring

Awww the first weekend of spring- we finally made it! The leaves are slowly making their way back on our barren trees, colorful tulips are in full bloom and here in the dreary NW we can almost taste the sun we are so ready for it. Easter happens to be this weekend too; one of my very favorite holidays. I grew up Catholic, so Easter was a very big deal. I elated in brunch and pastels. Easter for me is about a new beginning, as we nudge our way out of the dark days of winter and begin to rejoice in Portland’s very best months- spring through fall. It makes me want to get into my garden, plant veggies and bring out the lawn furniture, although we are few months out from actually being able to use it. Spring makes me want to store my soup stained Le Creuset for fresher dishes featuring asparagus and peas, fresh herbs and salty avocado and egg toast (with Maldon sea salt of course!). 

Whatever your spring traditions are, get out this weekend and get them started, because its here! 

Peace, love, Easter Eggs,