March 23, 2016

Registry Must Haves

As the anticipation of summer weddings roll in, you may find yourself in the middle of registering for those upcoming showers. Wandering around Crate & Barrel can leave you feeling pretty confused to say the least. What do you need? What do guests want to buy? Follow these tips for a few registry must haves. 

1.  Something Practical 

The practical gift is something that you need. Perhaps you’ve been cooking for the past 10 years with dull knives, as I have 🙂 This gift is about practicality, something that will get used often in your everyday life, it could be as simple as a vacuum! These may not be the most fun items on your registry, but surely the most useful. 

2. Something Personal 

This item should be specific to you as a couple. Guests love this gift because they know it will be meaningful and useful and it is just so YOU! If you’re a baker, this gift may be that Kitchen Aid Mixer you’ve always dreamed of or a tent for two for the couple that loves to camp! Maybe its a wine stand or a a kayak adventure on your honeymoon! 

3. Something Monogrammed 

Every couple needs one monogrammed item that in 30 years they will still bring out and show their children that they received this on their wedding day. We choose the blanket below from West Elm- its cozy and we will surely feel like newlyweds when we cuddle up under our first (and only) monogrammed item. An item as simple as a wine decanter, or a frame, is a sweet way to stamp your new family name or initials. 

4. Something for the Non- Planner 

Often times registries quickly fill up with items that “the planner” has chosen, because likely that person choose where to register and have picked out all the items. Although all your registry items should be useful for both partners and your new life together make sure to choose a few items that will get that non-planner excited. My fiance loves to bartend, so I added this amazing set just for him! 

5. Something Symbolic 

This item is often times not an item that you can register for, but likely you will receive. It is the many cards you will get (make sure to read every word of love and support), it is those vintage champagne coops your mother or grandmother gifts you, its the wedding day gift your partner gives you or the handmade cake topper your aunt makes for you. These gifts are surely the one’s you’ll cherish for a life time and the one’s you can’t ask for- they are the special items that the people closest to you will gift you. 

Follow these tried and true tips to create a registry that is both useful and personal. 




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