How To, Wedding 911

April 11, 2016

The Big Bridal Wardrobe Change

Nothing is more glamorous than a bride showing off not one- but two white dresses. You have seen the celebrities do it, but do you dare have a wardrobe change at your own wedding? Now more than ever, brides are choosing to switch it up after the ceremony or dinner to change into something a little more unique. Here are some fabulous ways to create small change that leaves a big impact. 

1. Bold Lip

This is one of my very favorite ways to change up your look! Pick a neutral or light hue for the ceremony and then wow guests at the reception with something more dreamy or bold (check out MAC’s All Fired Up). They won’t know what hit ’em 😉

2. Belt It 

Another simple way to change your look is to add a belt or sash to your dress. Belts certainly range in glamour and flair. Don’t forget to check out Etsy for some unique designers! 

3. Veil to Crown 

Your veil is certainly a statement piece. Consider taking off your veil after the ceremony and switching it up for a ornate bridal crown. We love these from Elizabeth Bower. Taking off your veil for dancing is also a must! 

4. Topper 

Ever so elegant is the bridal topper. This is the perfect way to switch up fabrics in your look. Consider wearing a lace topper for a more modest (and super romantic)  church ceremony and then change into a belt for the reception! 

5. Little White Dress 

If you are OK taking off your statement gown, there are so many fabulous little white dresses. Plan ahead by subtracting the cost of a dancing dress from your wedding gown budget. 

And what’s better than one change- two changes! Don’t hesitate to combine these small changes to make an even larger impact or better yet, space them out throughout the night; veil off after reception and lipstick change-up after dinner!