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April 19, 2016

Mother of the Bride Fashion

 Dylan & Sara Photography

Dylan & Sara Photography

Mothers of the Bride (and Groom) are among the most honored and special guests at a wedding and so, their attire should certainly fit that title. My own mother has had quite the dress shopping adventure in finding a dress for my wedding. On countless shopping trips we have searched for gems, among dresses that are, oh so typical, schoolmarm or just plain boring. My mom is nothing short of boring and why should she be forced to wear shades of neutrals and bland? Luckily with some guidance, MOB’s (Mother’s of the Bride) can show up looking just as fabulous as they really are! 

 Aubree Lynn Photography 

Aubree Lynn Photography 

Moms Remember: 

  • You can NEVER be over dressed, you’re the MOB! Stop thinking you’re going to be too dressed up, there is no such thing! You set the tone, you are the queen guest! 

  • You can wear ANY color (except white). Why should you be summoned to beige, or light pink, or any other color that isn’t 100% you? Don’t be afraid to stand out in a color that fits you; fuchsia, emerald, or better yet, floral!

  • There are many fabrics besides lace. Lace is gorgeous and timeless, but if you dare, try something with a little more flair, like sequins! The MOB can never be too sparkly. 

  • Find an outfit that is just so you! Maybe this means a two piece pant suit, or a floor length gown. Whatever it is, find an outfit that will make you feel and look like a million bucks (because that’s how much you’ll be spending on your daughters wedding, just kidding Mom!)

All dresses found at Nordstrom

Happy dress shopping MOB’s. Dad’s we have you covered too, coming soon!