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May 2, 2016

The Curse of the DIY Bride

We all see the fabulous ideas on Pinterest- “how to” just about any and everything, from table settings to your very own wedding altar. But the bride that decides to over do the DIY projects is the bride that finds herself in her 90 degree kitchen, making 100 batches of “homemade” granola as a lovely parting gift, only to be disappointed that most guests forgot the granola on their tables (true store- my best friend did this!). The issue with DIY projects is that they are never as easy as they seem and always end up costing twice as much as expected. They often begin as an idea that seems like a fun wedding project but end up being an overwhelming task that just has to get done. Trust us when we say you will have plenty to do before the big day, so limiting any extras will save your sanity. The sad truth is most DIY projects don’t actually enhance the wedding experience. Your guests are not going to remember the hand painted vases that you spent an entire day on (and only to save a fraction on rental fees).  


1. Our advice is to not DIY. Save yourself the time and money and usually stress and just buy it! I love to DIY, but for my wedding I’m not doing one single DIY project and I’m happy as a clam about that. 

2. If you have to DIY- leave it up to others to do it for you. My mom is super creative and has sewn all my life. She offered to make my veil and I happily obliged. Its the most beautiful and special thing that I have ever seen and I’m so glad she did it. However, we went into the project 6 months prior to the wedding and with the understanding that if it doesn’t work, we will simply buy one. I did nothing. I tried on a veil 3 times and it was created and made for me. The best project I’ve ever helped with! 

3. If you, yourself, has to DIY something, do not, I repeat, do not take on a task that most people pay others to do for a wedding- such a flowers. For a split second I actually thought I would make my own bouquets. I quickly realized this was probably the worst idea ever. People make a living creating gorgeous bouquets and floral arrangements, who am I to try to replicate that on a whim and only on the biggest day of my life thus far? 

4. If you, yourself, has to DIY something, start early. Whatever you do, do not wait until the month of your wedding. You will be stressed and this fun task is no longer fun. Keep it fun and do it early! And remember, for every wedding task, there must be champagne!

5. If you, or anyone else in your wedding decides to DIY, have a back up. Do not get stuck without a second option. Or be OK that you may have to scrape the idea all together if it doesn’t work out how you hoped or planned. 

I leave you with this- save the DIY projects for your girlfriend’s baby showers, engagement parties or home remodels.  

Love to you!