May 20, 2016

From Ms. to Mrs.

Today is my very last blog as Danielle De Marco. On Sunday, May 29th I will officially be a married woman! As I sign off today, I’m double, triple checking all the loose ends of the weddings we are planning for Vanity Affair, while simultaneously checking off my own to-do list. The details are never ending and my brain is pretty much mush at this point. I wrote an email to my wedding party in which I told them to go to the wrong venue. I wrote an email that randomly said donut in the middle of it, with no other context and last night I locked my keys in my car and woke up to a dead battery. My neck has a permanent knot in it and my brain feels like its on speed. I think we should coin a term called “Bride Brain,” like “Pregnancy Brain” but for Brides! 

But really, I don’t feel stressed. Well maybe I feel stressed? I can’t tell at this point. Mostly I just feel really happy.  The days just keep chugging along and the closer we get, the more excited, anxious and unreal the whole experience becomes. The day is quickly approaching that I become a wife- the day I marry my very best friend. 

And right now I think the smartest thing that I have done through this whole process is planned to take off work the week prior to the wedding (and the week after for our romance filled honeymoon in Kauai). I have planned a massage, a mani & pedi, wine tasting with just my fiance, sleep and more sleep, yoga classes and am even having the house professionally cleaned. I’m ready. And as I write this, I know, we got this. Its in the bag.

Until June 8th. Goodbye friends!

Danielle De Marco (soon to be De Marco Smith)