June 10, 2016

The Perfect Day

 Robby Cavanaugh 

Robby Cavanaugh 

Everyone says your wedding day goes by quickly. And now I know that they are not lying. Well they are lying a little. Quickly is an understatement. It goes by on warp speed, on fast-forward, on a speed I did not even know existed. It felt like a roller coaster, and we were just holding on, trying to capture every turn, every peak, and unable to wipe the ear to ear grin from our faces. Magical. They say it is a magical day. And what a magical day it is. A dream. The best dream you have ever had, one you never want to wake from. And that man standing next to me. That handsome man that I still cannot believe I snagged, he’s now my husband! WHOA. 

So yes, it is cliche, but so very true, the day feels surreal. It goes by in a flash and yet you are filled with the most incredible amount of love and support around you. The toasts. The wonderful, beautiful and hilarious things your family and friends say about you. That first look with my dad, how special that moment was. The flowers. Ahh the flowers by Swoon. I died for a moment and went to floral heaven. The dancing- the head banging and booty shaking (we did a lot of that!) and the champagne. That Coopers Hall burger and heirloom tomatoes. Seeing your Pinterest board, your vision, what you planned and plotted over the past year come to life in front of your very eyes. Impossibly perfect.  

As we flew home from our paradise soaked honeymoon in Kauai, we talked about our very favorite parts and the things we were so grateful we did. The list started with writing our own vows. We were so thankful for this experience to share in our own words what we loved so deeply about one another and what we vowed to do in our marriage. Next we were incredibly thankful we hired a videographer to film the day (a last minute addition), because I am going to admit, I blacked out and so did he and we have no idea what the those beautiful vows said. We were so happy we had our photo booth that guests couldn’t seem to get enough of and the idea to have our guest book be the photo strips was beyond a blast to look through the next morning. Lastly, we were so very thankful we decided to do our honeymoon right away. We rode that wedding bliss all the way to the island and back again. It made the whole experience that much more special and romantic. 

Our hearts are full. 


Danielle De Marco Smith 


Photography – Robby Cavanaugh
Floral- Swoon Floral
Videography – J & M Media
Venue- Coopers Hall
Hair- Linda De Marco Genius Salon
Photo Booth- Happymatic