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September 7, 2016

Wedding Ring Shopping 101

Choosing a wedding ring is likely one of the greatest gifts you will give your spouse- and with all big purchases it is important to know what you are getting yourself into. I’ve been the gal at Best Buy wondering aimlessly. Allow us to save you from being ‘that guy,’ by following these expert tips for purchasing the perfect engagement ring.

  1. Do Your Research– You would not buy a car without knowing what was under the hood, and the same goes for a wedding ring. Follow the 4C’s here to understand the ins and outs of diamond shopping. 

  2. Set a Budget- Diamonds and settings can range greatly in cost, before you head out to shop, set a budget range for yourself. 

  3. Shop Around- Do not one-stop-shop! It is important for you to get a few different bids for the ring, feel out different jewelers and their quality, warranty and styles. Plan on visiting 3-4 jewelers before deciding on who will be yours. Recommendations are wonderful, but still do your due diligence as you want to find a shop that you trust and value. Keep in mind your spouse will be bringing their ring here for sizing, cleaning and quality checks for years to come. 

  4. Start Early – You have no idea how often we hear; “I was going to propose earlier, but the ring took longer than I thought.” Ring shopping is not like buying a pair of shoes, it takes time. Often rings are custom made, so although you pick a style, you hand pick the diamond and the ring can take up to 8 weeks to be made- and longer during the holiday season which is a jewelers busiest time of year! To be safe, begin the process at least 4 months before you actually want to propose. 

  5. Know Her Style– Lucky for us, our generation has thrown away many of the old school notions of picking out a ring blindly for the one we love most. It is very appropriate to find out exactly the style of ring your partner wants. More couples are even doing preliminary shopping together- and trust me that is one fun outing! It is absolutely fine in this instance to break into her Pinterest account to see what she has been “secretly” pinning in hopes you would find them. Talk to her best friend, her mom, whoever she may have talked to about her dream ring– and trust me she has told someone! Before you start shopping know these basics: 

  • Material– Does she want white gold, gold, rose gold, platinum? 

  • Shape– Does she have a preference on diamond shape or maybe doesn’t want a diamond at all (did you know diamonds come in shapes? If not, check this out for a guide). 

  • Setting Style– Does she want diamonds all the way around the band, does she want a thin band, or a thick band? Does she want the diamond set high, inset or resting right one top of the setting?  

  • Heirloom– Is there an heirloom diamond in her family or yours that may be available to you? Heirloom diamonds can be so special and with a new setting, they become a custom piece of jewelry that is beyond special.  

BONUS- If you can get her actual ring size you win huge bonus points! If you do go ring shopping together before you actually purchase, this is a perfect time to have them get her ring size!

Thank you to our friend Jeremy at La Rog Brothers for all the expertise he has shared with us over the last year of ring shopping!

xoxo Danielle