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January 6, 2017

Welcoming 2017 with Open Arms

  Christy Cassano-Meyer Photography

Christy Cassano-Meyer Photography

There is something so refreshing about January. A new year, a fresh start and a clean slate. 

Every year I try to come up with a few tangible resolutions, or intentions as I like to call them. I like to be very conscious that these intentions are just that- and if I am not successful, my world continues to turn and does not crumble. These are not lofty goals, but rather small things to enhance my everyday life and the kicker, I only choose three.

In previous years I would create a laundry list of resolutions: read more, get engaged, cook more, workout everyday, lose five pounds, journal every night. As you may have guessed, I accomplished none of these things on a  consistent basis. They were not tangible. They strayed too far from my existing routine where it felt like too much, too soon. 

The best intentions are those that are both meaningful and practical. 

This year Kelsey and I have decided to share our work intentions with you. We make it a habit in our weekly meetings to share areas we are succeeding in, but most importantly, identifying our weaknesses and how we improve on those. As a young business, we find the most crucial element of our practice is acknowledging and then evolving. It may take us five events to improve in a certain area, but we do not let down until we have mastered our craft. It is our every thought until we know it has been executed properly. After every event, we discuss in detail what went beautifully and also where we believe we fell short or what we would do differently next time. We then create a list of intentions. 

Below are three intentions we intend to practice through our careers in 2017. 


2017 Intentions

1.  Practice Effective Team Communication 

Have we mentioned there are only two of us? This means our communication has to be spot on and like all humans, sometimes we miss things! We have made a commitment to over communicate to one another to ensure even the smallest of details do not get missed. 

2. Strengthen Our Systems

Systems are our best friend in this two person duo. We are only as good as our systems. These are constantly growing and evolving and this year, we will continue to grow them into our little working machine!

3. The Right Fit 

This may sound odd as we are a young company, but we truly value the client experience and in return, want the experience to be valued with us just as much. In all transparency, it would be odd if every inquiry we received, we booked. We understand and accept that it is OK to know from the beginning we wouldn’t be able to fulfill the expectation a potential client may have and refer them to another planner to ensure their process is just as enjoyable and seamless for them as it is us. We are extremely confident in what we do, but our styles may not work for everyone and it is better to know sooner than later.   

What are your intentions this year? We would love to hear! 

With love this new year,





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