August 18, 2017

Meet Melissa

I am so thrilled to be writing this post and to be coming on as the newest team member at Vanity Affair Events. My name is Melissa and I’m lucky enough to be working as the new Communications Manager. Talking about yourself is always an intimidating feat, so I’ve decided to break my story down into five pieces.

1. Where am I from? I was born on the East Coast in the tiny little state of Connecticut. For seven years I was able to experience the surreal autumn leaves, history-laden towns, snow-packed winters, and incredible Italian food. A cross-country move with my mom and sister brought me out to Oregon where I’ve now lived for 14 years.

2. What is my background? My seven-year old self would probably be disappointed to find out that I went to school not to become a paleontologist, but a writer. I attended the University of Oregon, and after three years graduated with a Bachelor of Science in journalism. I’ve written for several magazines and companies and I’m excited to transfer my words and ideas over to Vanity Affair.

3. Why do I write? I used to write wild fictional stories when I was little and realized later that writing wasn’t only fun, but with it you could move and entertain people. My stories worked their way from places brimming with unicorns to nonfiction pieces for publications. Creativity can take you so far no matter how you decide to use it. I believe my writing not only helps me express myself, but connect with others. 

4. What are my passions? Buying books and convincing myself I have time to read all of them, trying to read all of those books, eating my way around Portland, planning vacations years in advance, pinning on Pinterest, and occasionally doing Pilates or Zumba if it means an acaí bowl comes after.

5. Why weddings? While weddings always inspired me, it took me a while to realize what my role could be in them. I’m not a professional photographer or a florist, cooking certainly isn’t my forte, and I’ve never been a bride myself, but being part of someone’s special day, witnessing it, and helping them somehow capture it is important to me. When I was given the chance to write about weddings and interview couples I knew I found my place. The world can feel really chaotic and overwhelming, so sharing love, excitement, and all the wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) things that go into weddings can be so refreshing and help us all remember how important love is.