August 11, 2017

Honeymoon High: Palm Springs Post-Wedding Shoot

It’s a familiar feeling, yet entirely new at the same time. You last felt it when the two of you first met: the jittery nerves, fumbling words, and excitement of a new fling. Now you have rings on your fingers, last names may have been swapped, and a weekend filled with flowers and food has passed. But the excitement certainly hasn’t stopped.

To capture this subsequent wedding “high” Sarah and Austin’s destination wedding in Palm Springs was followed by a photo shoot. It was an adventure-filled day with our very own Kelsey styling and photographer Olivia Strohm who captured the fun. The Californian oasis was nearly as stunning as the newlyweds themselves, and the sunbaked desert backdrop was accentuated by the pops of color and personalities of Sarah and Austin.

The shoot embodied and intensified all the nostalgic feelings from when you’re young and falling hard: sugary milkshakes, spontaneous pool parties, carefree bike rides, lingering gazes, and dancing down the sidewalk. Each snap was fun and free, with an edgy leather jacket here and a mod high-cut swimsuit there. Kelsey and Olivia’s vision was focused on proving that although you’re married, the freedom and enthusiasm continues. Sarah and Austin’s contagious smiles and adoration for one another kept the mood light all the way until their final evening splashes into the pool.