October 4, 2017

Tossing Tradition Out the Door

On a crisp Friday evening in September, Vanity Affair Events was in on a secret. A pretty large secret to be exact. Kelsey and myself, along with our two clients Kris and Ilona were the only four who knew what would be happening after the dinner plates were cleared. 

The Friday dinner was hosted to celebrate the courthouse marriage of Kris and Ilona in an intimate setting. Close family and friends were gathered at 23Hoyt and shared stories, laughs, and lots of wine. When the night seemed to be coming to an end, Ilona was waiting upstairs in a wedding gown–a Monique Lhuillier to be exact. 

The music was cued and she descended the stairs to meet Kris at their impromptu “altar” in front of all the tables. Giddy excitement and shock is an understatement of the guests reactions as they shared their vows. When planning their “wedding” the couple emphasized that the idea of a traditional wedding wasn’t for them. Surprising their guests and hosting a small party, then a larger reception the following evening was authentically them and matched their personalities. We loved the idea, and we love that traditional weddings are being broken, modified, and reinterpreted. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with a traditional ceremony and reception, the small (or large) details that give a couple the freedom to reflect themselves is incredibly satisfying. Whether you’re throwing a surprise wedding or changing up a traditional detail as simple as a card box, any kind of individual touch is beautiful.

The provocative and somewhat negative reputation that once surrounded elopements have been removed and couples are sneaking off to waterfalls with a photographer to capture their unity. Brides are straying from the typical white, tulle gowns and trading them in for pastels, jewel tones, and even black. First dances are being reinterpreted into sharp tangos and sultry foxtrots. Many couples are taking the famous (or infamous depending on your style) plated dinners and creating buffets, family style, and even bringing in food carts. There is no right or wrong way to break tradition, as long as you’re having fun and feeling uniquely you in the process.


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