April 2, 2018

Hello Pinterest, We Meet Again

It’s true. We recently received one of the biggest wake-up calls, thanks to the inspiring woman herself, Jenna Kutcher, who reminded us of the power of Pinterest and the impact it has on our lives. What we didn’t realize, is the impact it was having on our brand and we dedicated nearly two long weeks to a complete overhaul, which we are so excited to share with you here.

“In all, Pinners save nearly 900 million Pins about weddings and conduct 378 million wedding-related searches every single year.” – Pinterest with Deep Focus, 2016. I read that statistic more times than you even want to know, but the reality was we were missing out on being included in the 378 million wedding-related searches and we’re back for revenge with beautiful content, inspiration and much of our own work that we are so proud to contribute to our industry and the world of visual stimulation.

Knowing how influential images can be during this process, we curated our page to give our audience a glimpse of who we are at Vanity Affair Events.

Join us on our social media journey because we promise it is a journey you won’t want to miss!



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