April 18, 2018

Investing in Design

Investing in specialty rentals allows you to create a customized experience you and your guests will never forget.

We have compiled a bulleted list on the areas Planner’s believe rentals can help make a difference; here is why.

With specialty rental companies across the board providing unique and statement pieces it is easy to get lost in dreaming up your day. Let’s see if we can pinpoint where rentals can benefit you most!

·      Chairs. In 8 out of 10 cases, chairs that are used for the ceremony seating will also be used for your reception. If you are having a rooftop ceremony, you may opt out of using the venues in house tin folding chairs. In this case, you may splurge for the clear acrylic chairs, which will carry through a light and airy presence to go hand in hand with your open sky concept and blend into your manicured reception.

·      Cocktail hour. This is where we tend to see our couples incorporate twists of personal style and creativity without feeling as if they are compromising the overall feel of their ceremony and reception. Lounge areas have really taken cocktail hours to all new heights. A romantic loveseat here, a custom bar set-up there.

·      Linens. Tablecloths and napkins are perfect focal point to bring in colors or textures. Solids can be accompanied by a bold pattern or complementary material. Take velvet for example, yes velvet; it is an effortless way to give your table the elevated touch you might be looking for.

·      Tableware.  From brushed metallic to matte silverware in an array of styles, you can bring a table to life with the best fork and knife combo that ever so beautify contributes to the perfect ceramic plate or classic set of glassware.

·      Dessert. You can not go wrong with a well-designed cake table. We are determined to get back to the simplicity of cakes. Essential elements to remember when designing your cake table can be as straightforward as a draped table runner with a classic cake stand surrounded by votives.

As you round out your list of rental needs, take a dive into what it is that you want to highlight on your big day and don’t hesitate to follow our own work and daily inspiration on Pinterest



Photography by Maria Lamb and (2) lounge seating images courtesy of Pinterest.