October 4, 2018

When in Rome

I woke up this morning and was greeted with a memory on Facebook to exactly three years ago to the day when I was standing outside the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. It was in that moment as I laid in bed that I realized how fast time really does pass and it inspired me to take some time and walk down memory lane to a trip I will never forget.

This trip to Europe was decided two weeks before I departed. Colleen and Lisa were working overseas and a lighthearted conversation later, I booked my ticket during a two week window I didn’t have any weddings and off I went. As I sit here writing this, I want to bring to light that although I am a Planner by day, some of the most amazing experiences that have happened in my life are the ones unplanned. I crave the unexpected. The unfamiliarity.

Our trip truly could have been a movie. Three single women, overseas and you took one look at us and you really knew we were embracing the saying ‘the world is your oyster.’ We enjoyed picnics at every historical site imaginable, stopped for wine every 2-3 hours as it seemed like the way of life and hopped on a private chartered wood sailboat to experience the Blue Lagoon off the island of Capri and it was unlike anything I could have ever imagined.

As our boat docked back on Positano, three young gentleman who were helping guest’s off, approached us to show us what Positano was all about. Let me make one thing clear: we knew we were not the first women to be graced with their presence off the boat, but they offered to pick us up that evening (by scooter!) and show us their home. As many of you may have guessed, I was sold before he could finish the sentence.

And just like Kristen Bell in When in Rome, we were whisked off our feet at 10PM sharp by three young men on scooters and we danced, laughed and cruised the streets of Positano until early in the morning, when we’d make our sneaky escape (from our own AirBNB, get your minds out of the gutter!) to head back to the states.

Cheers to more adventure. To the unexpected. And to friends who are right alongside you every step of the way.