November 6, 2018

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Is it just me or does fall illicit the travel bug? Summer has come to a close, the coziness of cooler months sets in and long nights on the couch, lend to many hours searching flights and hotels. Lucky for me, Vanity Affair Events keeps me busy scouting destination wedding venues all over the world and often leaves me wondering, why didn’t I tie the knot abroad?

It’s no surprise that destination weddings are on the rise and for good reason, we are a generation of adventure seekers. But the ultimate question always comes, should I or shouldn’t I and how do you begin the process of planning an out of state, across country or even around the world wedding? The endless possibilities can be both exciting and also completely overwhelming. So if a destination wedding is something you have been dreaming about, here are a few things to consider while taking the leap into the unknown.



Can you accept guests not attending your destination wedding?
If the answer is no, you would be devastated at the thought of some of your closest friends or family not attending, then you will likely want to stick to a local wedding. When hosting out of town, you have to be ok with the fact that some guests are just not going to be able to make it. You can’t fault these guests – as they have to make a decision that right for them and even if they love you dearly, that may mean missing your big day. For many, creating a more intimate affair is what they are after and for those, a destination is perfect!

How Far is Too Far?
This depends on how small you want your wedding and what is financially doable for the people closest to you. For some families this will mean Italy and for others a resort a few hours from their hometown. Take a survey of your non-negotiable guests and if they are willing and excited to travel with you for this journey- then get to booking!

Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring
Consider the time of year for your guests. To me the most ideal time to travel is in the winter and spring. The spring ache’s for vacations and thus your guests will be more excited to get out of dodge! Summers are filled with personal commitments, the weather at home is already warm, and the fall is cozy and people have already long spent their tax returns. To me the most ideal time for a destination wedding is February thru April.

What is the appropriate amount of time to notify your guest’s of your destination wedding in order to plan accordingly?
Give your guests no less than 6 months to plan a trip to your wedding. This may seem short, but over at Vanity Affair Events, our sweet spot for planning is truly around 9 months, so notifying guests at the 6 month mark is totally fair. However, if you are hosting a summer wedding or international destination than a year is necessary.