December 11, 2018

Love Wins.

Having the opportunity to work with people all over the world is something I will never take for granted. It’s connected me with so many amazing people who have taught me many lessons along the way, and George and Tim are two people who I am so thankful our paths crossed.

When I met George and Tim the only common thread between the two of them when wedding plans were discussed was that they both agreed it was Palm Springs or Bust! Aside from that, they had different interpretations of what their celebration looked like and that’s truly what made planning their weekend in Palm Springs so special.

So often people think you have to have the same ideas as your partner when you picture your wedding day and believe it or not, you don’t. Some aspects of the planning process may be more important to you than others, and being a good listener while also voicing your opinion is what makes the planning process so rewarding in the end. A glass of wine or two along the way doesn’t hurt, either!

Their weekend was all about celebrating those who surround them. A guest list of nearly 150 people and the amount of love that filled Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms Estate is indescribable. With their cake table draped in a handwoven linen from George’s mother who passed too early, to all guest’s placing a hand on one another during their ceremony to spread love and positive energy, to the grand entrance welcoming loved ones with a step a repeat, this is a wedding you didn’t want to miss.

It’s ok to be on different paths throughout the wedding planning process if you know your destination is the same. It’s how we get there that makes it worthwhile.

Love wins,