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February 18, 2019

Bazaar Bride Commandments

Our recent subscription of Bazaar Bride has us swooning over the most couture wedding gowns, bridal jewelry and honeymoon locations. In our welcome email, we received their “10 Commandments” for planning a wedding and we could not AGREE MORE! We actually agree some much we felt like we just had to share them with you here.

There are 3 commandments from this list of 10 though that we seriously live by!

#1. Throw out the Rule Book.

  Bianco Photography

Bianco Photography

Nothing is interesting about the wedding all your friends have had. So rid yourself of the “should/should nots” and plan YOUR dream wedding. It may be something as simple as omitting a ceremony program, or as big as throwing a cocktail style reception instead of a sit down dinner!

#4. Trust Your Vendors.

I know it can be hard to let go of control. We have many clients that are powerhouses in their careers. They seriously kickass. It can be hard to allow someone else space to shine, but when you do, beautiful things happen. As planners, we never claim to know more than our expert vendors who are seriously the best in the field. They teach us so much daily, from what flowers wilt faster than others to what fish has a better fat content to keep moist longer. And remember, as a planner, that’s our job to be triple checking these details on your behalf as well!

#8. Plan a Fabulous Party or Long Weekend, Not a Wedding!

  FIH Fotographie

FIH Fotographie

When you throwout the rules, trust your team and start planning an epic party or weekend getaway for your friends, thats when an unforgettable event takes place. That means food and beverage matter, entertainment is key and your guests experience is never put aside.

Don’t forget to join Bazaar Bride to stay current on all things luxury weddings!


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