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October 19, 2019

Floor Plan Design

Every event is tailored to our client, design, and atmosphere that we aim to execute, and one of the most important components of bringing all three of those items together is the creation of the master floor plan.

Photo By: Erich McVey, Event Planning & Design By: Simply Chic Events, Source: Pinterest

Designing floor plans is a meticulous affair, all about the small details.  It begins with the venue. Whether you’re designing with a ballroom or on a private estate, each venue presents its own challenges, but also many unique opportunities. 

One of the most important items we consider is to ensure that the floor plan allows for the ease of movement and flow. The three focal points of the space are the dance floor, bar, and entertainment in relation to guest seating. 

Dance floor placement has a substantial impact on the atmosphere of the event. Centrally located dance floors are our first choice in design if the space permits. It is the principal point of focus where everyone’s eyes are drawn. From the first dance to the last, the dance floor is where the magic happens. Placing tables and seating guests closer to the dance floor also accomplishes two important things. First, it helps the celebration to feel intimate and inclusive. Secondly, it allows guests who may not physically be dancing, to still feel socially involved. 

The bar, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic becomes another focal point almost by default and will naturally become a gathering place for your guests, setting its own social atmosphere, and becomes an oasis for conversation. Consider that while having multiple beverage locations sounds convenient, it also has the potential to create a spatial divide amongst the room.  We recommend opting for one, grand bar, equipped with proper bartending staff (so often missed by others, and is a huge pet peeve of ours!).      

Building the perfect floor plan is ultimately about finding a balance of logistical planning and creating a celebratory atmosphere. 

With love, 

The Team at KTE



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