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November 26, 2015

Welcome to Vanity Affair Events!

(the planner) hello friends!

I am Kelsey. A girl with a love for early mornings, no pattern clothing, manicured nails, spontaneity, my pup (Quinn), and most importantly, my friends and family who make this crazy ride all worth it.

  Colleen Amelia Photography

Colleen Amelia Photography

Welcome to Vanity Affair Events and the place I call home. The place where I have the opportunity to work with the most amazing people who inspire every detail in my design process.  The place where I am introduced to people who allow me to be a part of their lives, share their stories and embark on this journey of planning their intimate event.

  C olleen Amelia Photography 

C olleen Amelia Photography 

We are a team. We collaborate to execute a dream, a vision, an idea and that is what this experience is all about: people, relationships, and a cherished and unforgettable event. For everyone.

  C olleen Amelia Photography 

C olleen Amelia Photography 

Get cozy. Take a look around and welcome to my own serendipity.



PS Oh, and in case you are wondering, my famous last name has yet to prove any relation to Justin, but as a dreamer, I am still hopeful that the best is yet to come.


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