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December 10, 2015

Wreath Making with Anna Mara Flowers

Today I had the pleasure of getting into the holiday spirit by joining Anna Mara Flowers and Restoration Hardware (one of my favorite home stores of all time) to learn the art of crafting wreaths! 

After taking this class, I will never, I repeat, I will NEVER buy a wreath again. Wreath making is way too easy and fun when doing it yourself! 

Wreath Making Materials:

1. Gardening Scissors  

2.  Wreath Frame

3. Thin Wire

 4. Greenery of your choice. 

Portland Florist, Anna directed the class, as we all stood around a large wooden artists table filled with cut nobel, eucalyptus canes, pine, blue ice juniper and myrtle. Anna had adorable ribbons of Pendleton fabric for us to use to hang our completed wreaths or for a bow! You can find Pendleton scraps at Mill End fabric store in Portland, Oregon for next to nothing.

The hardest part of the entire process . . .  choosing which greenery to use! 

To construct your wreath, simply use thin wire and wrap individual or groupings of greenery to your wreath frame. Wrap the wire around multiple times to secure the greenery and on to to the next bunch, working your way around the frame. 

*Wreath Tip: to achieve ultimate fullness, make sure to attach greenery to the back side of the wreath base!

Voile! A wreath is made. When you’re ready to say goodbye to the holidays, simply take off the greenery and keep your wreath frame (and ribbon) for next year!

Happy Holidays and Wreath On!



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