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January 19, 2016

Creating a Personalized Wedding Website

  Josh Neff Photography

Josh Neff Photography

Wedding websites have come a long way in the past few years, now giving couples the ability to completely brand their wedding website using fully customizable website formats. Say goodbye to the cheesy templates and 10 font options! As the new wave of millennials begin to get married, they understand that the best way to connect with their guests is online. Follow these tips to get the most out of your wedding website.



We believe event websites are an important and stylistic part of your wedding. It is a preview of the feel and overview of your wedding day and provides guests with a personal look unto you as a couple. Make sure you’re correctly matching the style of your wedding with the style of your website. When we are creating a clients wedding website, we try to best match the style of the wedding. When possible, the fonts, colors and graphics should be similar to those used on the wedding stationery. You will also want to make sure your content matches the style of your website. 

 Josh Neff Photography 

Josh Neff Photography 


2.utilize electronic rsvp

A great aspect of many wedding websites is their ability to allow for online RSVP’s. Looking to save money and paper? This is a perfect option and so very convenient for your guests, who are likely online most of their day. If you are worried about Great Aunt Betty, who still thinks calculators are mini computers, then simply do a verbal RSVP with her. Online RSVPs also save you time since they track the guest count for you!


 Josh Neff Photography 

Josh Neff Photography 


3.find a home for your engagement photos

So you have 200 beautiful engagement shots and no where to put them? Wedding website- Bingo! Often times photographers add a complimentary engagement shoot or one at a discounted rate, because it helps them get to know you before they shoot your wedding. Take advantage of this photo opp and then share these stunning photos with your friends and family on your website. Plus, having professional photography be the centerpiece of your website will take your website from zero to sixty.


 Josh Neff Photography 

Josh Neff Photography 

4.share your story

Be creative about what content you put on your website. We ask clients to write up to 300 words about their story as a couple. Meghan and Jake decided to do a back and forth portrayal of their meeting and then shared a super sweet video that Jake had showed Meghan the night he proposed. Make sure you are being personable, while not writing your whole life story. Guests want to be able to quickly get a sense of your relationship, while also getting the facts of your wedding day.

5.domain name

Splurge for a custom domain name! And by splurge, I mean spend the .99 cents to get your names as your domain for the year. Many sites even include a free domain as part of the 1 year subscription. Try to keep the domain name simple and easy to remember, lucky for me, my Fiance’s name is Khaatim, so I scored Not as lucky? Try your last names or your first names with your wedding date year or abbreviated city of the wedding, ex:

I hope these tips will help you in creating your own wedding website! Bring out your inner designer and get started on your .com. 

To check out Meghan and Jakes full website, visit it here




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