November 10, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

The holidays this year, no doubt, are going to be a little different. But at the same time, there has never been a better year to celebrate one another and truly hold your loved ones closer than ever, whether physically or mentally. But now that December draws closer, the thoughts of gifts and get-togethers are perhaps swirling.

But, it is 2020 after all, and the way you think about gift shopping has also probably changed.  It’s clear that our mindsets are shifting, and importance is being placed on meaningful gifts and giving back to the community by shopping local. With the difficulties that this year has brought on everyone, especially on small businesses, we wanted to share the brands that we adore and hold in high esteem, so you too could keep them in mind for checking off your lists. Not to mention, nothing says “I get you” or “I love you” like a gift that has time, energy, and thought put into it.

If you’re looking to get more personal and thoughtful in your gift choices this year, these companies will exceed your expectations. Whether it’s a candle to warm up a room or a sweet treat to share on a date night in, you can find them all through these local shops.


1927 S’Mores

Nothing stomps out stress quite like the crunchy, gooey delicacy that is s’ mores. Lucky for you, 1927 S’Mores has mastered the art of this dessert and made it so you can purchase it. The kits come with vanilla bean marshmallows, scallop-edge graham crackers, and bittersweet chocolates so gift recipients can make their own at home — no campfire required.

Saint Simon Coffee

Coffee is the metaphorical life force for many of us, and not just any old beans will do. Having perfectly roasted is as sweet a gift as any. Even those who may not have a French press or drip machine at home will appreciate a gift card that presents them with a chance to indulge in a latte and pastry from the shop.

Sea of Roses

Although the company is a phenomenal Portland-based florist, Sea of Roses also carries a selection of gorgeous artisanal goodies online. Ranging from home fragrance — her Rust candle is a favorite of ours — to smudge sticks and bath salts, you’ll find the perfect pieces to treat someone to a nice night in.

The Yo! Store

Once you start decking out your home and closet in items from The Yo! Store, you’ll never go back. With a chic European flair, you can peruse everything from clothes to candles to itty bitty outfits for littles. While you can find a gift for just about anyone here, your most stylish friends will feel forever grateful for receiving something from here.


The icing on the cake of any room is its accent pieces. But rather than leaning on big box stores, a one-of-a-kind sculptural work of art from a place like Mantel is inimitable. It’s far more heartfelt and much more gorgeous than anything you can fathom finding from large retailers. Even if home goods aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, it has a remarkable selection of other pieces, like jewelry.

Ecru Modern Stationer

What’s a gift without the perfect card? To truly get the message across, stationery is everything. Each of the shop’s locations contains a menagerie of pretty cards, wrapping paper, and pocket-sized gifts. It helps, too, shopping from a local business that gives back to the community, helping organizations like Friends of Doernbecher Dru’s Chapter and the Feral Cat Coalition.

Sarah’s Cookies 

It’s hard to think of a gift more smile-inducing than a batch of cookies or pastries. For delectable treats that will be gone in the blink of an eye, Sarah’s Cookies is a no-brainer. Purchase a batch for your own intimate family gathering or send them as a surprise to a friend of yours who has an undeniable sweet tooth.

EcoVibe Style  

Sustainability is the way our world is headed, especially when it comes to home goods and fashion. If you’re in search of the perfect planter or statement piece for the person you know better than anyone, you can rely on Ecovibe’s elevated pieces that never lack style, but won’t hurt the environment at the same time.

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Photography by Colleen Amelia


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