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December 18, 2023

Holiday Gifting with Intention

It is hard to believe we’re in the thick of the holiday season. Being in the hospitality industry, I am confident many of us work tirelessly to be able to enjoy a bit of rest in December and January, but who am I kidding? Rest is relative but one can dream.

The holidays are always a reminder of the magic that’s both within and around us. Whether that’s magic relating to our love languages or magic in watching it through the lens of others, like our children, it truly is the most wonderful time of year.

Courtney and I worked alongside Ames and Oates to create custom boxes for our clients, and it forced us to dig deep, reflect, and design a box with intention, all slightly different from one another reflective of the couple. It gave us the opportunity to not only give back to our local community by ensuring every single item was a Portland maker, but forced us to recap conversations, settings we have been in, and maybe even a design choice or two that’s been made for our couples to adjust things to be perfectly them. Even down to every handwritten card selection (which we all know is my love language). Once perfectly them, Ames and Oates hand-delivered locally or shipped with a perfectly tied black bow wrapped in our Parcel boxes to place our seal in 2023. It was our own little team of elves spreading the holiday cheer one box at a time.

Whether it’s time (the most precious gift), or a physical gift, we are constantly reminded that behind it, a gift with intention is one with the most impact, so we’ve designed a list of ideas, should you want to explore as we near the 25th of December. Let’s bring thoughtful gifting back that doesn’t break the bank!

1. Social media. The greatest and worst if I’m being honest. Tap into someone’s social media and check places they’ve visited, enjoyed a beverage from, or explored, and gift them a visit to your selection.

2. A book. Whether fiction, non-fiction, or hobby-related to the recipient, this is always a way to communicate to others to slow down, rest, and deep dive into a good read with a hot beverage.

3. Are they pet parents? Human parents? Engaged? Married? Custom ornaments (names, dates, venues, places) are a beautiful, inexpensive way to pay tribute to something or someone meaningful in their life. I love this gift because they’re reminded of you for many years each time, they deck the halls in their home.

4. Remember how thoughtful those coupon books were/are? Make your own! There is nothing better than a coupon that gives your time. Watch the pups, be the sitter while parent’s go out for dinner, organizing a space in someone’s home that you know needs attention that they’ve expressed, or a coupon that offers something you may be strong in (plant care? Curating a photo album? Design consultation for a space?).

5. When in doubt, a handwritten card is more than enough. Although I know you know cards are my love language, but I believe it’s a lost art, and so many people would appreciate a handwritten card more than you may think. Anytime I am selecting a card for someone, there is a lot of thought that goes into it, whether it’s an inside joke, a season of life they may be in, etc. These details don’t go unnoticed, so when in doubt, write a card.

Wishing you and your loved ones a warm holiday season filled with health, happiness, and everything in between.

With love,



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