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August 23, 2016

Family (photos) First: The Photographer’s Checklist

 Riv & Rose Photography 

Riv & Rose Photography 

Your wedding photos will be what keeps the memory of your wedding day alive. Often times photographers will give couples a checklist or form to complete with their must-have photos. Although this checklist may seem like an afterthought in the big scheme of wedding planning, we encourage couples to really take the time to think about what photos are most important and make sure they communicate that clearly with their photographer. Photographers are incredibly talented, but they have no idea that your best friend flew in from Australia for your big day, or that your wedding ring is your grandma’s vintage diamond or that you were so looking forward to a solo shot of your dear aunt sue! 

If your photographer has not given you a photo checklist, simply create one on your own!

Photos that sometimes get missed, but that are meaningful to us: 

  • A first look with Dad – Dads sometimes get missed and there is nothing more special than the moment he sees his daughter in her white dress. This is a beautiful moment that a photographer (if given warning) can easily curate. 

  • Ring Shots – If you have been admiring stylized ring shots (as I do!) make sure to explain your vision to your photographer. Send photos so they know exactly the style you like and if props are needed make sure your wedding planner has them on hand to give to the photographer. 

  • Stationery Shots – Likely a lot of time and thought went into your stationery, so if you want photos of it, make sure you add that to your list of must-have shots. 

  • Individual Family/Bridal Party Shots– I love the special one-on-one shots with family and friends! Make sure to write out who all gets a one-on-one shot. Don’t forget grandparents if they are around! 

  • Stylized Shots– Pinterest has you admiring a million wedding photos, but if there are a few photos you just cannot seem to get your mind off of, share with your photographer so you can recreate the poses. 




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