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August 29, 2016

The Name Change

If you thought those Thank You cards were daunting, just wait until the name change! If you, your partner or both are changing names post wedding, follow these simplified steps to complete the process- and make sure to go in order!

1. Pick up a Copy of your Marriage Certificate: First things first, head to the local office where you applied for your marriage certificate. You will need to pay for a certified/stamped copy of the certificate (which hopefully your officiant mailed in after your wedding). We recommend buying a few copies to have on hand!

2. Change your Name on your Social Security Card: Once you have tht certified copy in hand, go to the Social Security website, where you will want to fill out this form  and mail it to your local Social Security Department. To change your name you will need that copy of your marriage certificate, and a few other types of ID. They will mail you a new Social Security card with your new name on it. Wait until you receive your new Social Security Card to move forward.

3. Change your Name on your Drivers License: Once you have received your new Social Security card, go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office and apply to change your name on your license. If you are in Oregon, click here to check wait times before heading out! You will need to bring every form of ID you have- including your new Social Security card . Do not forget your certified marriage certificate too. 

4. Change your Name on your Bank Accounts: The easiest way to change your name on your bank account is to go in to the banks local branch. Bring your new Drivers License, Social Security Card and Marriage Certificate. Do not forget to get your checks changed too! 

5. Lastly, change everything else that has your name on it: Once you have your new Drivers License and Social Security Card, the rest should be easy and many you can change online!

  • Credit Cards

  • Passport

  • Insurance Companies

  • Payroll

  • Voter Registration

  • Bills

  • Mortgage

  • Post Office

  • Facebook (guilty!) 


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